Wifisfuneral – LilSkiesFuneral Feat. Lil Skies

Wifisfuneral - LilSkiesFuneral Feat. Lil Skies

Wifisfuneral – LilSkiesFuneral Feat. Lil Skies

Rapper known as Wifisfuneral who went viral after the release of his mixtape Black Heart Revenge, which landed in the top 100 on the iTunes hip-hop charts. Recent Song , now Wifisfuneral collaborated with Lil Skies of his new song titled “LilSkiesFuneral “

Wifisfuneral miami has garnered over 8.5 million streams on SoundCloud and embarked on a nationwide tour called the Black Heart Revenge Tour. Wifisfuneral channels his inner Dragon Ball. wifisfuneral tour 2017 was very interesting

Wifisfuneral was cosigned by rapper Earl Sweatshirt, which helped launch his career.

Florida rapper Wifisfuneral clearly has some love for the classic anime Dragon Ball, as his latest loosie is named after “Gotenk,” the product of when Goten and Trunks partook in a “fusion dance” (I’m not familiar with the series, but I’m sure somebody out there can elaborate on this ritual). wifisfuneral songs has made him to work with different recoed label such as Interscope Records, Universal Music LLC,

Now, Wifi has teamed up with Dooney Montana for a brief new song, which finds the pair of rappers going in over some strange production from Cris Dinero and Nuez. wifisfuneral soundcloud contains his hit songs.

The instrumental employs a slightly dissonant synth loop, which sounds like the Lavender Town music from Pokemon Red/Blue, only somehow even more maddening. wifisfuneral boy who cried wolf is another dope song by the miami rapper

Either way, if the studio sessions are their version of the “fusion dance,” it’s no wonder they got “Goten” as a result. Check this one out now, especially if you vibe with the Soundcloud rap aesthetic. wifisfuneral jumped video thrilled his fans. Now you can listen and Download Wifisfuneral – LilSkiesFuneral Feat. Lil Skies.


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