Snoop Dogg – “Make America Crip Again”

Snoop Dogg - "Make America Crip Again"

Snoop Dogg – “Make America Crip Again”

Snoop Dogg the legendary rapper who has sold over 30 million records, and whose debut album, Doggystyle, sold nearly 1 million copies the week of its release.

Snoop known for his laid back persona and his advocacy for the recreational use of marijuana. the Doggystyle crooner became famous for singing “What’s my Name” and “Gin & Juice,” and his album Tha Doggfather went 2x platinum in 1997.

Snoop Dogg embraces his OG status on “Make America Crip Again.”

“The president says he wants to make America great again,” opens Snoop, on his new single “Make America Crip Again. “Fuck that shit! We gon’ make America crip again, cuz!” Well, few are better suited to the task than the legendary Snoop Dogg, who recently announced his second project of the year, a brand new eight track EP titled Make America Crip Again.


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