Russ – Lean On You

Russ - Lean On You

Russ – Lean On You

Russ ate another single titled “Lean On You“. Russ has been returned to his old traps recently, gifting fans with a whirlwind of discharges in the traverse of only a couple of days. Kicking things off with “Reconsider,” he’s gone ahead to convey on the tracks “Thrive,” and “Perhaps.” taking a break from his self-delivering streak, Russ initiates Scott Torch to deal with all the creation on each cut, and he’s keeping the pattern running with his most recent offering “Wife You Up.”

This time around you can likewise get the multi-faceted John Mayer favoring the tracks with his own particular work on the guitar. No vocals this time, however any appearance from Mayer is constantly valued. His style has been depicted by Uproxx as a “harsh, hardbody rap stream, and lilting, essentially inebriated performing voice“.

Russ united with Columbia Records. He later released the single “What They Want“, which topped at number 83 on the US Billboard Hot 100. He by then released another single “Losin Control“, which topped at number 62 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and is at the present time his most amazing charting single.Now listen to Russ – Lean On You


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