NEW MUSIC : Lil Yachty & Father “Dreamboat Freestyle”

NEW MUSIC : Lil Yachty & Father “Dreamboat Freestyle”

NEW MUSIC :Lil Yachty & Father “Dreamboat Freestyle”

A few months ago, the father Atlanta rapper participated in a live show and gave the fans a sneak peak of his upward cooperation with Lil Yachty. Although many individuals reflected when the collab was being discharged, today the ringing lasted for a long time. Unfortunately, the two rappers do not seem to work together yet, both now touch a generation of meltycanon for a new undulating melody.

The main part of the melody allowed Lil Yachty to fight against the animated generation of the computer game before the father arrives the second half. Both rappers have an incredible science and track and their unbalanced styles really coordinate on this creation. With some uptempo touches and some kicking bass, this melody will undoubtedly have a sense of the head and potentially touching, in case you are there. In all its authenticity, it is amazing that the two are not connected to this melody. Both are moderately remarkable figures in the Atlanta hip bounce, but their music does not complete the generalization. In any case, it is advisable to respect both connections and to deposit some outbreaks.

meltycanon is a young creator with his unique and unique sound. He and the Father worked first on his melody “Heartthrob” which reveals similarities with “Dreamboat Freestyle“. Although this is the first time that this meltycanon has worked with Lil Yachty, ideally we hear more of these two later.Now listen to Lil Yachty & Father “Dreamboat Freestyle”(NEW MUSIC)


NEW MUSIC: Lil Yachty & Father “Dreamboat Freestyle”

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